HSC Result 2022 Published Date (10th February)

On 10th February 2022, The ministry of education will publish Higher Secondary Certificate HSC Result 2022 on educationboardresults.gov.bd. Candidates can download the marksheet from eboardresults.com

Dhaka, Comilla, Rajshahi, Sylhet, Mymensingh, Dinajpur, Jessore, Barisal and Chittagong Board HSC Exam Results will be released at the same time. Simultaneously, the Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board’s Alim result and the Bangladesh Technical Education Board’s HSC Vocational result will be released.

Three group-based courses had their HSC and Equivalent Examinations taken this year. On the basis of the SSC Exam Result and Continuous Assessment, the results of other broad topics have been created. Group exams in Science, Humanities, and Business Studies have already been completed. The results of the HSC and equivalent exams will now be made public. On February 2022, The result will be now finally released.

HSC Result 2022 Published Date

It is possible that the HSC Result 2022 will be released on February 10, 2022. The results will be released in the second week of February, according to the school boards. When the date is determined, the Education Minister will make a formal announcement.

As soon as Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gives her approval, the results will be made public. At 10 a.m., she will officially announce the result through press release. HSC/Diploma and equivalent results will be announced shortly by Education Minister Dipu Moni. At 12 p.m., the results will be made available to the public through online, SMS and Web.

HSC Result 2022

This year, the country’s General, Technical, and Madrasa Education Boards have 13 lakh 65 thousand 789 students enrolled. A total of 10 million 79 thousand 171 of these people are scheduled to be tested on a regular basis.

There are 2 million, 66,501 ineligible applicants. One million sixty thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine pupils, 54 thousand two hundred and twenty-four students, and 51 thousand three hundred and fifty-eight students failed one or more subjects.

There are 3,390 private applicants in addition to the normal and irregular ones. There are 16 thousand 727 people who can do better.

After the results are revealed, specific statistics on the HSC and its equivalents will be available. The GPA-5 and Total A+ numbers have already been released.. It’s a little over 1 million, 61,807. Record number of A+ in Bangladesh’s HSC and equivalent examinations. But this year, the pass rate will be decided in advance to the last detail. Using the Auto Pass approach, no applicant will be rejected because the results are being made public.

Dipu Moni, the education minister, will provide a full statistical breakdown of the results in her briefing. The GPA-5 and board-based results will be mentioned there.

Detailed information on Dhaka, Comilla, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Dinajpur, Sylhet, Jessore, Barisal, and Mymensingh education boards, as well as the total number of GPA-5 based on the board, will be available.

All five-point Alim and HSC Vocational results from the Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board and Bangladesh Technical Education Board, respectively, will be made public.

The Secondary School Certificate Curriculum and Examination System have been revised for the academic year 2022 as a result of the covid-19 Corona Situation. Only the group subjects were tested on, and the syllabus was reduced to include an Assignment Assessment system.

Short syllabuses on three elective subjects were used for group exams, and 24 assignments were given to students enrolled in the HSC program.

There were over 22 lakhs candidates who took the exam under this new system. The following are the results of the study and all other relevant data:

Particulars Information

A total of 22,27,113 people were tested.

The Board of Education of the General Public

Mandatory Muslim School Education Council (MMSEAC) 301887

124228 of the Technical Education Board

HSC Exam Result 2022

On February 10th, 2022, the Ministry of Education will publish the results of the HSC Exam 2022 for all education boards. Education Board Results Bangladesh and eboardresults will post the results. Results can be accessed both online and via text message.

Typically, the results of the board exams are made public within three months of the exam date. To make up for this, the Ministry of Education said that HSC Results 2022 will be available within one month as a result of the new examination system implemented this year in Singapore.

On the 3rd of February 2022, the results of the secondary school certificate examinations for the education boards of Dhaka, Cumilla, Chattagram, Rajshahi, Dinajpur, Sylhet, Jessore, Barisal, and Mymensingh will be released concurrently. That same day, they will also publish results from the Bangladesh Technical and Madrasah Education Board (ALIM) examinations.

A new examination system was used for the HSC/Equivalent exam for the academic year of 2022.

Exams for this year’s HSC and Equivalents were held for just three group subjects, rather than the usual seven. Exam preparations have been delegated to the Ministry of Education, which has reduced the scope of the syllabus. There’s no need to hide the fact that this assignment is worth points.

The JSC/JDC Result, Assignment Marks, and HSC Examination Marks will be used to evaluate the 2022 HSC Exam candidates.

In addition to the JSC/JDC marks, Group Subjects marks will be based on the Test Exam Marks, and Assignment marks will also be included in the total.

Secondary School Certificate Result 2022 will be prepared by adding these together.

HSC Exam 2022 Results will be made available via online, SMS and Web-based application system..

The Ministry of Education will release the HSC Exam Result 2022 on the 29th/31st of December 2022. This year’s exams will be shortened because of the COVID-19 crisis. Exams were only given to students in group classes, and the curriculum was reduced in size.

The Secondary School Certificate Examination has three types of subjects: foundational, group, and elective. The Ministry of Education has decided to cancel this year’s exams for all core and elective subjects. Subjects in business, humanities, and science have yet to be tested individually.

Announcing HSC Exam Results is therefore imminent. The Ministry of Education used HSC Exam and Assignment Marks to calculate the HSC Result 2022.

In order to provide students with their homework and other activities, the Office of Secondary and Postsecondary Education has finished its work. In addition to helping the students learn for their upcoming Secondary School Certificate exams, the assignment was also beneficial to them academically.

For the Fundamental Subjects Result (Bangla, English, Math, Optional, and Other), the JSC/JDC or Equivalent Examination results were used. The results will be released to the public once everything has been completed.

The Ministry of Education will release the HSC Exam Result 2022 on the 29th/31st of December 2022. This year’s HSC Exam 2022 was restricted to students taking Science, Business, and Humanities classes in a classroom setting. Ministry of Education final scores were computed using HSC Exam and Assignment Marks. Basic Subjects (Bangla, English, Math, Optional and Other) Result has been generated from the JSC/JDC or Equivalent Examination results.

The ALIM 2022 Result

The ALIM Exam 2022 Results will be made available online by the Ministry of Education on the same day (10th February 2022). Official Madrasah Education Board Website allows students from the madrasah education board to view their results and marksheet.

In addition, they can check the results of their institute-based examinations here. Having their EIIN number handy is essential. As an added bonus, the board of instruction for madrasahs will be accessible offline as well.

Download the HSC Marksheet for 2022

If a student wishes to obtain a copy of the complete marksheet with numbers, they can do so by visiting the school’s website. This information will be required in order to examine the marksheet and download it with all of the possible points.

A student can quickly receive a marksheet with grades from eboardresults.com, which is an education board result website where they do not have to provide their registration number. When the markings are shown, they must be accompanied by a registration number. They can also obtain a copy of the marksheet on the website of the relevant school board.

How to Find Out HSC Result 2022

You have a plethora of options when it comes to finding out your HSC exam results because there are several methods available. “How can I obtain my high school certificate exam results?” the student inquires. This is a straightforward question, and the answer is self-evident. We’ll go over all of the different methods you may use to check your results.

Educational board results websites like as eboardresults.com and educationboardresults.gov.bd allow students to see their results online by entering their roll number, and they may also access their results through the official education board result website. Results can also be obtained through the use of smartphone applications.

It is possible for students to obtain their grades in a variety of ways, including sending a text message, visiting the school website, or downloading a complete marksheet containing their grades.

HSC Result 2022 will be sent by SMS.

Even if they are not connected to the internet, students can now check their exam results using their mobile devices. Students can check their HSC Exam Result 2022 by sending an SMS in the following format to the following number.

The SMS service makes it possible to obtain the results of the HSC examination in 2022 as soon as they are released. Students can check their results by sending an SMS to the number provided by the Ministry of Education after the results have been made public by the ministry.

It is possible to send the SMS from any mobile operator in Bangladesh, including but not limited to Teletalk, Grameen Phone, Banglalink, Airtel, and Robi, amongst other networks.

Board NameShort Code
Dhaka BoardDHA
Chittagong BoardCHI
Cumilla BoardCOM
Rajshahi BoardRAJ
Jashore BoardJAS
Dinajpur BoardDIN
Mymensingh BoardMYM
Sylhet BoardSYL
Barishal BoardBAR
Madrasah BoardMAD
Technical Education BoardTEC

HSC Result from eboardresults.com

HSC results are available on eboardresults. Result obtained over the internet
Students can get their results through the web-based result release system eboardresults.com. Students can access their results through the internet. It is possible to obtain web-based results for all of the country’s school boards through the website eboardresults com, which is run by a Bangladeshi company called Eboardresults.com.

Additionally, the results of institutions, districts, and centers are published on this website, as well as comparisons of prior and current exam results.

Students can find exam results for the Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Dinajpur, Barisal, Comilla, Jessore, and Mymensingh Education Boards on this page, as well as results for the Dinajpur, Barisal, Comilla, Jessore, and Mymensingh Education Boards. In addition to all of the other material, you can discover the results of the ALIM and Vocational Exams on this page.

As a result, let us discuss how a student can receive his or her eBoardResults.com result, as well as their whole marksheet with grades.

Step 1: Go to eboardresults.com and enter your information.

At this point, you should go to eboardresults to access the web-based result publication system, where you should click on HSC/Equivalent Result. Choose one of the options from the Current Result Section.

Step 2: Choose the HSC/Equivalent Result option.

In the Second Step, choose the HSC/Equivalent Result from the drop-down menus that are presented.

Step 3: Fill in the Blanks with the Required Information

Step 3: Select the exam you’ll be taking, including the year, board, and result type, from the drop-down menu. It is possible to access the drop-down menu. Please select one of the following options from the list: HSC, ALIM, or an equivalent qualification.

Specify the year 2022 as the starting point.
Select a Board of Directors
Individual Result should be selected from the result type drop-down menu.
The Roll Number and the Registration Number should be entered into the appropriate fields.
You must enter the security code that is seen in the image.
Step 4: Make a list of all of the things you want to do. Select the Get Result Button from the drop-down menu.

Now, in the Final Step, the HSC Exam Result 2022 can be accessed by selecting the “Get Result” button from the drop-down menu.

Helpful Hints: The only website that allows students to verify their results without having to provide their registration number is eboardresults.com.

Briefly stated, eboardresults.com provides online access to all of Bangladesh’s educational boards’ results in a one location. On this website, students may see the results of the HSC exams for the Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Dinajpur, Barisal, Comilla, Jessore, and Mymensingh Education Boards as well as other education boards in Bangladesh. They only need to know their roll number in order to see the final outcome.

educationboardresults.gov.bd hsc result 2022

It is the first website dedicated to education board results created by the Ministry of Education. Every year, millions of students use this website to verify the results of their high school diploma exams.

The results of the Secondary School Certificate Examination can be seen on this page. On this website, students will only be able to view their own results, not those of other students.

The high school results for Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Dinajpur, Barisal, and Comilla, as well as Comilla, Jessore, and Mymensingh, are now available. ALIM and Vocational Exam Results can also be seen on this website.

If you wish to see the results from this website, simply follow the steps outlined below.

For further information, go to –educationboardresults.gov.bd.
You have the option of taking the HSC, ALIM, or Vocational exams.
Choose the name of your board from the list of boards that are currently available.
It is necessary to submit both the HSC roll number and the registration number.
Completing the math calculations is essential.
To see the final result, click on the submit button at the bottom of the page.
Students who wish to view their exam results on educationboardresults.gov.bd will need to provide both their Roll Number and their Registration Number in order to access the results.

The Bangladesh government has developed a website dedicated to education board results. This website allows you to check your HSC/equivalent, ALIM, and Vocational Exam results.

HSC Result 2022 by Apps (High School Certificate).

The results of high school diploma and equivalent exams can now be accessed using an official app developed by the Ministry of Education. Students can download the “Education Board Results” app from the Google Play Store, which is available for free.

Students must first download the appropriate apps from the Google Play store and then enter the essential information to verify the results in order to proceed.

All education boards have the same procedure to follow in order to verify the HSC Exam Result 2022, and the steps are as follows:

Step 1: Navigate to the Google Play Store.

The first step is for students to go to the Google Play Store website, which is the official Google website.

Step 2: In the Search Bar, type in “Education Board Results.”

To complete the second step, go to the Google Play Store and look for the Education Board Results Official App under the Search app option.

Step 3: Select Install from the drop-down menu.

To install the Tap, complete the third step by tapping on the Install Button.

Step 4: Go ahead and search for the result.

Now, in the final step, select the exam type, enter the roll number and registration number, and then click Finish. Board should be selected, and the outcome should be displayed.

Frequently Asked Question

What is HSC Result ?

HSC Result is the examination result for the Higher Secondary School Certificate in bangladesh

How to Search the HSC Result 2022 ?

Students can search the HSC Result 2022 through online by SMS and Apps.

How can I view the HSC Result 2022 from online ?

you can use eboardreuslts.com or educationboardresults.gov.bd to view the HSC Result 2022 from online.

How to download marksheet for HSC exam in Bangladesh ?

Visit- eboardresult.com, Select the Examination, Input the necessary information to download the marksheet for HSC Exam 2022 in Bangladesh.

How can I get full marksheet with number ?

To get full marksheet with number, visit- eboardresults.com.

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